Dear Pennsylvania Republican,

You've been betrayed by the higher-ups in the Pennsylvania Republican Party.  There are good conservative candidates in the U.S. Senate race who are running for the Republican nomination and who actually have a good chance of beating Bob Casey, Jr.  But, the Governor and party chairman Rob Gleason twisted arms to endorse the most liberal guy of the bunch.  A GUY WHO VOTED FOR BARACK OBAMA.  A GUY WHO FUNDRAISED FOR CONGRESSMAN JOE SESTAK (who ran against Senator Pat Toomey) and donated to ActBlue (  A GUY WHO SPENT 5 YEARS AS A DEMOCRAT BEFORE SWITCHING TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, JUST TO RUN FOR THE SENATE (as Dick Morris says).  Even Tom Smith, who after 60+ years finally became a Republican 6 months ago is more conservative than this guy.  'Why the endorsement?' you ask…keep reading.

There is "a SuperPAC" in this race fighting Welch.  We saw their video below on GrassrootsPA and PoliticsPA:
There's also a Facebook page fighting Welch.  And a PA Grassroots Coalition organizing to counter endorsement.
Thank You to our sponsor and to our friend outside Philadelphia for sharing your county's Republican Committeeperson list.  If you have a Committeeperson list, please share it with us here:
The problem with endorsing Welch is that all of the resources of the PAGOP have been put to work trying to destroy Welch's conservative competition--like this frivolous and embarrassing lawsuit to try and push one of our most decorated veterans and a conservative Republican off of the ballot.  Incredibly, the PAGOP publically says that there is going to be a primary for Republican endorsement, but then they send this letter to the county parties that is designed to silence Republicans of CONSCIENCE.  And, they intimidate and punish rank and file republicans who don't tow the line for them.  Fortunately, your local representatives to the county republican committee are elected on the same ballot during the Primary Election on April 24.  If someone is outside of your poll distributing the PAGOP's literature or palm card endorsing Steve Welch, That person is part of the problem.  Ask them to put that literature in the garbage, and if they refuse, ask them if they are on the ballot as well!  Use your own conscience-- there are plenty of other real conservative candidates on the ballot.
We already have a list of State Committee People who endorsed Steve Welsh.  If Welch becomes the nominee, these people will have to deal with the consequences of their actions during their elections next spring.  But, your local county republican committeepersons are elected this Primary Election Day, April 24th.
Welch has given multiple explanations for why he voted for Obama, the governor believes it was part of "operation chaos" but that was for Republican's to switch parties and vote for Hillary Clinton, not for longtime Democrats (like Welch was since 2005) to vote for Barack Obama…

But, Welch never even tries a credible explanation of his fundraising for Kucinich-caliber congressman, JOE SESTAK.  Sestak is the same guy who ran against Senator Toomey and who is now supporting an "Occupy" candidate to challenge Allsyn Schwartz from the LEFT!  Welch hosted Sestak IN HIS HOME to introduce him to his wealthy friends and neighbors--kind of like what Bill Ayers did for Barack Obama.  Said Sestak of the meeting, "He expressed support of me and what I stood for. He seemed nice and, separately, supportive of the Democratic Party and its efforts."  Welch says that he thought Sestak was someone he wasn't, but you gotta think we're stupid to believe that.  How naïve is this guy?  He'd get rolled like nutroll in the US Senate.

In the end, it's not just that his principles cannot be nailed down, it's that his AMBITION to be in congress trumps his principles, which blow in the political winds.  We cannot afford another ARLEN SPECTER!

More from the Superpac.  Hilarious:
You might be saying to yourself, "There's no way the governor or Rob Gleason would sell out the Republican Party.  These are my party leaders and my conservative protectors."  Well, let me educate you on how these guys think.  First, they're about as conservative as the donors they court, but what motivates them the most is KEEPING THEIR POWER.  When it comes to the 2012 elections, the one thing the Governor cannot afford is a Democrat Attorney General or Auditor General, both of whom could spend the next two years investigating his administration ad nauseam, leading all the way up to his next election.   If the US Senate candidate is self-financing, then the PAGOP can spend more of its campaign cash to guarantee the Republican AG and Auditor candidates comfortable wins.  And there's no way the Governor could endorse a candidate like Dave Christian out of Bucks County, because that's the same county his Lieutenant Governor (Jim Cawley) hails from, and the other Philadelphia collar counties would be jealous.  I know, it sounds crazy, but that's how these guys think.  That's why the Governor repeatedly cites how "geographically balanced" his ticket is.

Rob Gleason, for his part, cannot afford another conservative US Senator to align with Toomey, who would love the opportunity to clean house at State Committee, but who cannot do it on his own.  Gleason knows this, so for him and his minions, Casey's reelection may be the best thing for them.  Need more convincing?  Read this account from one of our 2008 Congressional nominees.  (4/16/12) More evidence: Some in Pennsylvania GOP seem to back Sen. Bob Casey quietly

Thanks for reading.  Do the right thing April 24th!

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If you know a local party leader who is intimidating members to violate their conscience, we want to make their name known too (please include their name, rank, and county; and any other specific information about their intimidation as well):
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